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Insecticide Safety:

The insecticides we use have been in use since the 70's and are common, mild insecticides such as pyrethrin and pyrethroids.  They have have been extensively tested and certified safe by both the state and federal government. Our insecticides are not harmful to you, your employees, your animals or the environment when used as directed.  If you need further documentation, we'll be glad to provide it.

Our formulas are water-emulsifiable broad-spectrum insecticide concentrates that provide a safe, effective and economical solution to control insects when mixed according to directions. They become a micro-emulsion for use through the overhead insecticide system.

Shoo-Fly specially formulated water-based insecticides are biodegradable, are approved for use around humans and all other warm blooded animals, and may be used in food processing facilities, bakeries, bottling plants, canneries, flour mills, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and barns. Our insecticides meet the strict requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Unlike beneficial insects or fly predators that attack only the house fly pupa, our insecticides quickly knock down flying insects and they stay down. Their breeding cycle is effectively interrupted and insects are unlikely to develop an immunity to our insecticide formula.
Other Uses -
​Our Automatic Fly Spray Systems can also be used around the eaves and screened-in structures for the control of mosquitos, spiders, wasps, mud daubers and other pests found in these areas.

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