Shoo-Fly of NC installs and services Automatic Fly Spray Systems for horse barns. Experienced horse owners continue to rely upon our systems to rid their barns of flying insects in a way that is safe, economical and effective.

Our Automatic Fly Spray Systems release a fine mist of water-based insecticides on a programmed schedule -- optimally of one-minute duration, five times per day. Using our 24-hour timer, this schedule can be easily adjusted based on the extent of the fly population. This convenient scheduling of our systems helps eliminate waste and can save you money on insecticide refills.

We can custom design an Automatic Fly Spray System for you -- simply provide us with the dimensions, layout and pictures of your barn.  We can easily install the ideal system for your facility in a matter of hours.


To learn more about our services, to request a quote, or to place an order, call us at 919 259-1814 or send an email to
About Shoo-Fly:
About Mike:
Briefly, I grew up on a farm in the snow-belt of Pennsylvania, where I had to build and fix everything we needed.  I've since worked carpentry and electrical, went to Penn State, and then settled here 22 years ago. I admit to having an Engineering Degree from NC State, despite the fact that I have always been a Carolina basketball fan at heart.
I have three kids.  My eldest daughter is 24 and attends college, my middle daughter attends App State, and is the barn manager for Horse Helpers of the High Country.  My son loves rock climbing, track, cars, and borrowing my tools.  He also has the engineering "Nack".
I look forward to working with you, and wish you a happy and pest-free summer!