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Digital Controller:

Easy to schedule sprays, up to 18 spray cycles per day. 


Custom designed by TORK for Shoo-Fly..


4 Day backup memory in case of power outage.


Can spray manually when you need it.

Mechanical Controller:
Mech Timer.jpg

Easier to operate.


Can spray manually when you need it.

95% of our customers choose this model.

Temperature Sensor:

Easy to program - sets the minimum temperature for when the fly system will turn on. 


Cold days or mornings - no spraying!  Saves money.


Mounts to controller.


Has a 10 foot lead - the sensor itself goes into the section of your barn that you want to monitor.

105 and 165 Gallon Tanks:

Doubles or triples the capacity of your tank - refill less often.


Shows the fluid level inside - sides are white, and see-through.

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