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System Operation:

Master Control Unit

Shoo-Fly of NC's master control unit consists of all the components necessary to operate the insecticide system other than the nozzles and the tubing located throughout the barn. This Master Unit is capable of protecting barns up to 80 stalls.

The 100-gallon-per-hour carbon vane pump is self-priming, doesn't have to be lubricated and is protected by a high-pressure safety relief valve that is pre-set by the factory. It is virtually maintenance free.

The 1/4 HP heavy duty motor is thermally protected and operates at 1725 RPMs, 115 Volts using 5 AMPs of electricity.

The filter, check valves, nuts and bolts used in the manufacturing of this system are high quality stainless steel and brass. Each system has a nylon hood that keeps the motor and the insecticide drum free of dirt.

The 55-gallon drum is made from black polyethylene and will give you a lifetime of service. The drum measures 38" tall x 23" wide. With the Control Unit on top this makes the entire unit height approximately 48".


We also have 105 and 165 gallon tanks available for larger barns.

Insecticide Nozzles & Nylon Tubing

Our Insecticide Nozzles are manufactured from high quality brass and stainless steel. The insecticide nozzle tip has a built in check valve and filtering system, designed to take out any particles that could potentially interfere with the flow.

Our systems' tubing is made from nylon that gives it incredible strength. This tubing can withstand up to 500 pounds per square inch without rupturing. Our systems are recommended to operate at 175 pounds per square inch, which is well below the capabilities of this tubing.  This tubing is NOT available at local stores.


Shoo-Fly of NC systems carry a one year warranty on parts when only our insecticides are used, and the system is maintained as instructed in the owners manual.   There is also a lifetime warranty on labor - if we did the work, we fix it free.  Items such as nozzle tips & filters, as well as damage from natural causes are not covered.​ 

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