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Service!  With today's technologies, you need personal service from a knowledgeable person to answer questions, solve problems, and do reliable work at reasonable rates.  That's us.


You take care of the horses - we'll take care of the flies.

Servicing Western Tenessee, Southern Virginia, Northern South Carolina, and all of  North Carolina.

We produce customized automatic fly spray system installations whether it's one stall or 40.  Our specialty is working directly with you to design and install the most effective, yet economical system possible.

Our fine craftsmanship also maintains the the beauty of your barn - hidden when possible, or stylish when seen.

​About Shoo-Fly:​​​

​  We're the North Carolina distributor for Shoo-Fly, Inc. who for  40 years has been the leading manufacturer of horse barn spray systems in the US, protecting such barns as the NC State Equine Hospital, 9 Veterinarians and over 300,000 horses nationally.

  We've developed a safe, economical, and effective system to rid barns of flying insects and protect your equine investment.​​

(Note - Spray nozzles should not be aimed near food or water).

News - Spring 2023:

Please see our new "Our Work" page, to see examples of the quality work we do.

We now have nozzle assemblies with their own valves - you can turn one stall off when needed.  Great for temporary hay storage in a stall. 

If you are outside North Carolina or Virginia, we can ship you complete kits, and work with you from Raleigh to get you exactly what you need, with complete installation assistance.

Spray Nozzles
Around Barn
Control Unit
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Our Experience
No Flies, spiders, wasps, carpenter bees, etc..
Our Services:
  • ​Insecticide refills - Filled by our technician  or shipped to you.  We ship anywhere in the United States.
  • New Installations - By us in NC, SC or VA, or do-it-yourself anywhere with our full support.
  • Service & Repairs - All brands.
  • Winterization - Non-toxic anti freeze.
  • Control Units - Buy and sell used units.
  • Free Advice - Sometimes a simple answer is all you need!
Your satisfaction is important!

​You have an investment in your horses, facility and staff, and Shoo-Fly of NC takes pride in helping you protect that investment.​

We will be happy to custom design an Automatic Fly Spray System to fit your barn. Each system is designed with the Barn Owner or Manager, to give you exactly what you are looking for in equine protection.



     Please feel free to contact Mike at:


   (919) 259-1814 - Cell 

   (919) 367-0310 - Office


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